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Synonyms for brevity

Synonyms for brevity

the use of brief expressions

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the attribute of being brief or fleeting

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Washington, July 31 (ANI): The law of brevity in human language, according to which the most frequently-used words tend to be the shortest, also extends to other animal species, especially dolphins, British scientists have shown.
Given the publication's brevity (47 pages), this imbalance in coverage and its focus on vendors exemplify one of several editorial problems that plague the publication.
7 "SEEING IS BELIEVING: 700 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION" (New York Public Library) The show's only weakness was its brevity.
John Bremner tells us the Hobson story with wit and brevity in his Words on Words: "A choice between what is offered and nothing.
But another researcher who works with the same measurement sees the purported warming as a largely artificial one created by biases in the satellite information and by the brevity of the record.
But their brevity, according to Sistla, provides a golden opportunity.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistans star all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi has praised the nascent cricket star Sarfraz Ahmed saying he is a brave player and International cricket requires a fair share of brevity.
NEW YORK, March 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DevSpark, an agile software development company based in New York and South America, announced the hiring of former Brevity President & CEO Kevin Norris to lead their product management and user experience service offerings.
The brevity of each piece (the longest Is eleven pages) only serves to highlight the author's remarkable wit, insight, and economical yet beautiful prose.
The brevity of the work contrasts with the attempt at broad coverage.
Thank Jamie there are still some who understand the value of brevity.
They combine with Tale Untold What they say Brian Meehan, trainer of Brevity and Mortitia "Brevity is a very nice two-year-old filly who was impressive at Ffos Las.
The law of brevity states that the words we use very often are very short and the words we use very rarely are long," the BBC quoted Semple as saying.
The best lesson he taught me was to strive for brevity.
Brevity is hardly their watchword, but with songs this seismic and skull-rattlingly intense, you almost didn't want them to end.