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(Roman Catholic Church) a book of prayers to be recited daily certain priests and members of religious orders

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Schroth sees as crucial for what was to come: "They meditated, said Mass, examined their consciences, and read their breviaries every day; but they were too busy finding God on the streets to spend another four or five hours a day in church.
These books--antiphonaries, breviaries, epistolaries, evangelaries, graduals, lectionaries, missals, ordinals, processionals, and psalters--were designed for and used in the liturgy on a daily basis, but they also have codicological, musical, and artistic significance.
He is a scholar and antiquarian, an authority on breviaries.
Newman published a collection of Latin hymns from the Roman and Paris Breviaries, Hymni Ecclesiae, in 1838.
There we sit, like monks in our cells, musicians at our harpsichords, turning the pages of our obscene breviaries.
He was a small man who collected bones and breviaries.
lectionaries) or breviaries from the Anglo-Saxon period makes it very difficult to determine when readings from Ionas might be used; late in the period, AElfric recommends in his Customary that the twelve minor prophets be read during Nocturns in November (see M.
Alongside the scenes of killings and torture, there are also, however, the "Incantations" of Moussempes's work, the psalms, the evocations of an excommuniante, the references to "la grace des damnes," to churches, altars, breviaries, white pages, prayers, celestial offerings, solar hymns, and silent vespers.
One entire room is dedicated to work by or linked to de Lohny, including designs for chasubles (Cathedral of S Maria, Aosta), breviaries (Waiters Art Gallery, Baltimore) and a striking Trinity (Museo Civico d'Arte Antica).