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a document entitling a commissioned officer to hold a higher rank temporarily (but without higher pay)

promote somebody by brevet, in the military

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VIKINGS WOMEN v MANCHESTER: Andrea King (GK), Marie Brevet (2 goals), Marlen Slinning Goulty (1), Katerina Gibson (1), Maren Liane (6), Blessing Ogbee (1), Emily Bjerk (2), Alina Inta (5), Sandra Christke (3), Maria Jose Gonzalez Alvarez.
Vault: Lopez Arocha, Shang, Barbosa, Brevet, Wevers, Steingruber
Ici, l'adhesion de l'Angleterre a la Convention sur le brevet europeen (127) (ci-apres << CBE >>) change la donne.
Nous mettrons en perspective le processus cognitif permettant la capitalisation des connaissances lors du processus technique du reverse engineering, ainsi que la contribution de l'information brevet dans le suivi des evolutions technologiques dans le domaine de conception et de fabrication des trepans, ainsi que l'identification des technologies porteuses de valeur.
Les demandes de brevet et les brevets europeens valides auront le meme effet juridique qu'une demande de brevet et qu'un brevet national tunisien.
He studied Brevet d'Etudes de Premier Cycle at Lycee .
Hunt, a retired software engineer who has written other books on Union colonels from various states, presents a biographical dictionary of Union army colonels who commanded regiments in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and failed to be promoted to brigadier general or brevet brigadier general.
Arabic is Dying in Lebanon Out of more than 61,000 brevet students, only 33.
The event uses village halls and schools as checkpoints where a brevet (record) card is stamped to prove passage.
Sharpe, who would become a Brevet Brigadier General by the end of the war, was perhaps the most effective intelligence officer of the American Civil War.
Le jeune inventeur confirme avoir obtenu le brevet de son invention de l'Academie des recherches scientifiques, et son projet a reussi a gagner l'admiration de plus de 166 pays europeens.
All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be brevet barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate This notice first published on April 8, 2013
It starts a little after the 50 kilometre mark in north India's first-ever 200 km cycling brevet, rising more than a thousand feet in some three kilometres, hardly a challenge for the stronger riders.
She remains active in the sport as a brevet judge for national-level competitions and through her academy, which has been a training center for children for more than 36 years.
Lorsque deux organisations ou plus developpent conjointement une invention, elles peuvent appliquer pour un brevet conjoint (art.
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