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a diacritical mark (U-shaped) placed over a vowel to indicate a short sound

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Some were intended as paperweights but this one was for a car, having retained its original Breves nickel plated brass radiator mount.
The words of poems are stars, dot-to-dots of the Great Bear, the Milky Way your telescope caught; or breves filled with the light of the full moon you saw from your bedroom window; or little flames like the tongues of Hallowe'en candles.
Such a piece made even the Trois Pieces Breves by Jacques Ibert appear intellectual giants, pert and perky in the gamine style and featuring some beautiful duetting between flautist Michael Cox and clarinettist Angela Malsbury.
His fondness for textural intricacy is a rather curious one, almost exclusively circumscribed to short-lived imitative episodes, consumed within the span of a few breves and often repeated and reworked (as Newcomb well describes) in new vertical orderings of the voices.
La otra gran atraccion de Ia ciudad, el cerro del Pan de Azucar, ha reabierto tras unas breves vacaciones-como sucede una vez cada 30 anos- para reemplazar los ocho cables de acero sobre los que se desplazan los carros en su viaje de casi 1271 metros.
The Breves family works an impossibly inhospitable plot of scrubland, breaking their backs refining sugar on an old-fashioned, oxen-powered press.
J'appelle narrats de breves pieces musicales dont la musique est la principale raison d'etre, mais aussi ou ceux que j'aime peuvent se reposer un instant, avant de reprendre leur progression vers le rien.
1967) has published three books of poetry and short fiction, most recently Sek Pies Brew (Cinq peices breves, 1998).
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