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a diacritical mark (U-shaped) placed over a vowel to indicate a short sound

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breve by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (Bruker Daltonics, Billerica, MA, USA).
breve B-3 to mice with diet-induced obesity reduced body weight gain and visceral fat deposits and improved serum levels of total cholesterol, glucose and insulin (Kondo et al.
La Vida Breve, meaning Life is Short, is the rst, a competition-winning early 20th Century piece by Spanish composer de Falla.
The double billing of La Vida Breve and Gianni Schicchi opens on Wednesday, February 18, in Leeds.
Isolation and purification of Gymnodinium breve toxin.
A cause des sources et de l'historiographie, la Breve histoire du regime seigneurial nous renseigne moins sur les censitaires que sur les seigneurs.
Los otros cuatro documentos (tambien anotados) incluyen La fe triunfante, un testimonio de los autos de fe de 1691 del jesuita Francisco Garau, uno ("Apologia por los agotes de Navarra y los chuetas de Mallorca con una breve digresion a los vaqueros de Asturias") de un politico de nacimiento mejicano (Miguel de Ladizabal Uribe) cuyo motivo por haberlo escrito es analizado por Cortijo Ocana y Duran Cogan, una breve carta del secretario de la Inquisicion mallorquina, y el Llibre de Compte que, como concluyen los editores, "es de enorme relevancia .
La chef de la diplomatie europeenne Catherine Ashton et le ministre bahreini des Affaires etrangeres cheikh Khaled Ben Ahmed Al-Khalifa president cette reunion annuelle qui, apres une breve seance d'ouverture, tenait ses travaux a huis-clos, selon l'agence bahreinie Bna.
MillerCoors will have several products in regional test this summer, including Coco Breve, a 4.
It was also in the final alla breve that Rivas appeared at his most physically animated.
The other advanced intermediate suite is "Nebraska: The Corn Husker State," by Bernadine Johnson, which begins with a tricky alia breve four-part march in four flats.
The Seven Popular Spanish Songs may visit the Rodewald in the company of a visiting Spanish soprano, but the opera La Vide Breve is little more than an hour in length and therefore inconvenient for major opera companies.
Six riders, three with single time faults, went through to the jump-off, and it was Essex-based Laura Renwick who landed the title on her eight-year-old Oz De Breve.
Friar Augustin Farfan, a member of the Augustinian religious order, authored two important medical texts: Tratado Breve de Medicina (A Brief Treatise on Medicine), published in 1579, and Tratado Breve de Anethomia y Chirugia, y de algunas enfemedades (A Brief Treatise on Anatomy and Surgery, and of some illnesses), published in 1592.
Sources: "Transient" is from Breve historia del alba (2007), winner of the 2006 Adonais poetry prize.
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