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the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and coronal sutures at the top of the cranium

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Figure 2A shows representative images of lateral ventricles of PND14 male air-treated (Figure 2A) and CAPs-treated (Figure 2B) animals at similar bregma.
A[beta] (2535) was administered at the bregma point with a 50 [micro]L Hamilton microsyringe using a 26-gauge needle that was inserted 2.
The regions of interest and the distance in mm of the regions counted from bregma was: +3.
The bregma is used as a reference point to determine the stereotactic coordinates to attach the electrodes (BLASIAK et al.
Secondo Aristotele, il cervello e molto importante per il mantenimento della vita dell'individuo, e per questo e ben protetto nella scatola cranica (50) da un congiunto di ossa: il bregma, l'osso frontale, lo inion, nella parte posteriore, e le koryphe, le ossa parietali, situate tra il bregma e lo inion (51).
After the hair above the skull had been removed, an incision was made along the midline and a burr hole was drilled to implant a concentric bipolar electrode in the left STN, coordinates relative to bregma were AP-3.
The partial cranium of an adult female presented evidence of perimortem damage, with a sharply depressed circular fracture, representing a small impact site on the right parietal on the quadrant nearest the bregma (Fig.
El nucleo estriado se extiende desde la coordenada +2,2 hasta -3,8 con respecto a bregma en sentido anteroposterior, lo que abarca una extension en este eje de 6 mm aproximadamente.
The skulls with a more contracted vault show the opposite anatomical changes, characterized by an anterior contraction of Inion, the relatively most inferior location of Glabella, the most posterior location of Nasion, the expansion of Bregma and the contraction of the vault in the sagittal plane.
30 mm from the bregma point between different treatment groups did not reach significance [F(2,31) = 2.
62) El texto contiene una serie de 23 fotografias, entre ellas se demostraba como medir: la talla, la braza, el busto, el diametro cefalico, el bregma, el angulo facial y tanto la anchura de las manos como la de los pies.
After skin incision and cutting the galea aponeurotica, an 8-mm diameter light beam, with a 150 W cold-type halogen light (PICL-NEX, Japan), was focused on the skull and centered over the right hindlimb sensorimotor cortex at bregma -1.
Head was fixed in such a position that lambda and bregma sutures were in the same horizontal plane by introducing the incisor bar properly attached to the mouth.
El primero para el individuo en la bandera ocho, arriba expuesto, cuyo craneo presento una lesion recuperada en el area de bregma (Benavente 2008).