breeze block

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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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Mr Dean said Winter then left to pick up a breeze block which he dropped on to the hard shoulder.
Then, as he went to return to the house, he was punched in the mouth and a breeze block was thrown at him, striking his leg.
A police detective told the court: "Interviews were very, very limited given the condition of the defendant but he does admit striking in some way his father with a breeze block.
Police found "considerable damage" in the restaurant's office, with breeze block rubble on the floor from a hole in the wall.
QHOW do I stop bad odours seeping through the breeze block walls from the bin area next to my flat?
HO R R I F I E D RSPCA inspectors found a dog starved to death in a Midland garden shed which had been jammed shut with a breeze block.
Respondees to this ITT should be capable of providing equipment that will allow fire fighters via a ultra high pressure system, to fight fires from outside the building with ideally, the ability to pierce brick, stone, breeze block, sheet metal, concrete, timber etc via a form of branch or lance mechanism or suitable equivalent operating procedure.
BAHRAIN's top policeman has ordered an investigation after a video uploaded onto the Internet appeared to show officers throwing a breeze block at the window of a house, in Sitra.
A TEENAGER punched and kicked another young man outside a supermarket then later hurled a breeze block through the back window of a parked car in which the victim was sitting.
From monolithic concrete structures such as motorway bridges and power stations, to the more prosaic breeze block, raw concrete and cement are left unfinished or polished to a shine.
In Lothian and Borders, incidents have included attacks with hammers, bricks, knives, lumps of concrete and coins while one crew reported that a breeze block was thrown off a bridge on to a fire engine.
A TAXI driver says his cab was targeted by yobs who hurled a chunk of breeze block from a Redcar seafront shop roof onto his windscreen.
A MAN accused of murdering his father hit him with a breeze block, a court heard yesterday.
Lee Hollender, 39, pictured, smashed the front window of the store at Prestatyn with a breeze block before making off with PS9,000 worth of scent on August 28.
If you have been hiding under a bigger breeze block than the one used to clock Karl, the prosecution's summation said it all: she jilted Carl, nicked the 30k from the wedding and on top of that bedded her niece's bloke.