breeze block

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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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Liverpool Crown Court heard that McCarten, 43, kept lookout while Comish, 47, cut through concrete breeze blocks.
But the most grisly discovery was made when the breeze block was moved away from the shed door and the dead terrier was discovered.
When police emerged from the property without any suspects, they prepared to leave, which is when the breeze block was thrown.
The breeze block wall collapsed as Caernarfon Town fans celebrated their team's second goal against The New Saints.
Ross is no stranger to being in front of the camera, having starred in the TV series Breeze Block and the recent reboot of the Comic Strip presents -The Hunt for Tony Blair - in which he played a tramp.
The newly-built breeze block wall, which was backed by a steep earth bank, toppled over, trapping Meg, who was on the pavement.
The pretty blonde was horrifically beaten to death with a heavy breeze block until her face was obliterated.
Thornaby Railway Station as it appears now is a vast improvement on the breeze block shelter which British Rail had originally built to replace the Victorian Station.
Q Our five-year-old bungalow is timber framed with breeze block and external roughcast.
A MAN who stabbed a neighbour through the heart in a row over a breeze block was jailed for eight years yesterday.
A beer called Black Grouse is next on Tom's formulation list, followed by Lion's Tail, Golden Plover IPA, Tar Bar'l Stout and Allendale Rose ( named after a traditional song ( which suggests his mind has been elsewhere whilst cementing breeze block to breeze block.
One officer received head and spinal injuries when he was hit with a breeze block and hammer during a 'sustained and orchestrated attack' in the staunchly Catholic Short Strand district.
TV beauties Jayne Middlemiss and Donna Air are to return to their Geordie roots when they appear in a brand new BBC sitcom set in Newcastle called Breeze Block.
Respondees to this ITT should be capable of providing equipment that will allow fire fighters via a ultra high pressure system, to fight fires from outside the building with ideally, the ability to pierce brick, stone, breeze block, sheet metal, concrete, timber etc via a form of branch or lance mechanism or suitable equivalent operating procedure.
In an age of rampant monetarism in 1981, British Rail decided that it was cheaper to demolish the station than refurbish it and replaced the once Victorian masterpiece with a breeze block hut on an otherwise empty platform.