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As their name implies, fruit flies are attracted to ripening fruits, which serve as a food source and a breeding ground.
For the past two years the milder weather has brought puffins back to their breeding grounds earlier than expected, so if the mild weather continues it could very well indicate the start of a successful breeding season.
Task 1: protection of endangered species of waders breeding grounds in the bed of the vistula through the use of mobile electric fences, in accordance with applicable law and the scope and methodology set out in annex 1.
Llandovery College, a breeding ground for rugby talent, laid claim to three members of the starting line-up at the Millennium Stadium.
juices etc), clay pots, bamboo ends, rubbish and other water containers as these provides good breeding grounds for Dengue mosquitoes.
The tag data are also exciting because this is the first time that we can see that the singers aren't sitting off by themselves like they do on the breeding grounds - they're right in the midst of the feeding action, choosing to sing instead," Stimpert said.
By recording the size of the area between the birds' legs and tail where they store the fat they have built up over the winter, the researchers can see if the swans have found enough food to get them 2,500 miles back to their breeding grounds.
The increased heating in our homes during winter creates an ideal breeding ground for dust mites," said Julie.
DU's Rescue the Duck Factory campaign was designed to save the highest-priority breeding grounds of North and South Dakota.
Among other places, two addresses that have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes are Kidwai Nagar and Netajee Nagar.
JEDDAH: As part of efforts to combat diseases, municipal authorities plan to fill all ponds in the city and its suburbs that become breeding grounds for insects and mosquitoes.
Therein lies the giant warning in this story, which has been backed up by numerous federal officials and counterterrorism experts: County jails and state prisons can be breeding grounds for radicalism and terror recruits.
Seabirds called sooty shearwaters fly some 64,000 kilometers traveling to and from their New Zealand breeding grounds each year, an international research team reports.
Koh Tao translates as "turtle island," but the sea turtles that once lived in its crystal clear waters have moved on to other breeding grounds.
The Emperor penguins featured in March of the Penguins, for instance, walk and slide on their tummies over ice for 70 miles each year to meet at the same breeding grounds.