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a person who breeds animals

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235 male chicks from each age of broiler breeder flocks (a total of 705) were selected at random.
Raised free from antibiotics from breeder flock, even the bird that laid the egg that hatched Murray's chicken was never administered any antibiotics.
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation said routine blood tests indicate an avian influenza infection has been found in a 52-week-old commercial chicken breeder flock (which lays eggs for hatching) at a contract grower's farm in Northeast Texas west of Sulphur Springs.
The program includes breeder flock testing, research, consumer education and recommendations to restaurant managers, retail markets and institutions on storage, handling and cooking of eggs.
is responsible for a feed mill, hatchery, breeder flocks, live haul service and working relationships with 168 independent family farms in the region that raise turkeys for the company.
DSM has launched an app to support its innovative MaxiChick productivity improvement solution for breeder flocks.