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a person who breeds animals

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Breeders Club is made up of trained staff of knowledgeable dog trainers, breeders, and groomers with combined decades of experience with dogs are available to answer your questions and discuss different breeds with you to allow you the opportunity to choose the right breeder, the right breed, and the right puppy to become a part of your family.
We are delighted to announce the opening of our fifteenth breeder farm, marking an important step in our infrastructure expansion," said Mr.
A responsible breeder constantly strives - through hours of research on health issues, genetics, nutrition and seminars - to ensure that any puppy raised is the highest quality possible.
When the Clinch River Breeder Reactor (CRBR) project died last year (SN: 11/19/83, p.
22 December 2009 -- Broiler producer Yule International Inc has finished building a new breeder farm, bringing company's total number of breeder farms to fourteen, the company has announced.
While further details of the promotion will be announced in late June, I can say that we are looking forward to being a part of this exciting campaign and honored to be able to recognize the breeder, jockey and horse who expertly craft that one 'Perfect Trip' that stands above all the rest.
WELL-KNOWN breeder Bob McCreery, who has moved some of his mares to France in search of better premiums, has called for breeders' prizes in Britain to be weighted more in favour of Flat horses than jumpers.
I am not sure whether the author realised that I, as the joint breeder and sole owner when Inglis Drever was sold as a yearling, had not received one penny in breeders' prizes.
Among those who spoke out against the decision was prominent British breeder the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, who in a letter to the Racing Post threatened to pull her entire operation out of the country.
Every breeder is pleased to produce a class D winner, so why criticise a system which rewards success?
One other prominent British breeder, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the premiums helped smaller operations, rather than promoting mediocrity.
Owners Cecilia Straub-Rubens and Michael Cooper Breeder Cecilia Straub-Rubens Trainer Jay Robbins Jockey Chris McCarron
Even the white-blazed horse has a nice back story - he got his name after his Florida breeder on a foggy morning when he wandered away from the rest of a pack of colts in a paddock.
THE European Breeders' Fund yesterday called on American breeders to continue to support the scheme, despite the end of its cross-registration agreement with the Breeders' Cup.