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a person who breeds animals

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Breeders believe that long limbs are almost always accompanied by an elongated head.
His entry into the ranks of the agriculturists and breeders was a step in the young man's career which had been anticipated neither by himself nor by others.
He is annihilating the crooked streets and building in their stead noble boulevards as straight as an arrow--avenues which a cannon ball could traverse from end to end without meeting an obstruction more irresistible than the flesh and bones of men--boulevards whose stately edifices will never afford refuges and plotting places for starving, discontented revolution breeders.
cried the assassin, "we have no time to lose," and started for the aperture through which they had entered the chamber; but in his stride he paused as his glance was arrested by the form of the mighty rykor Iying prone upon the floor--a king's rykor; the most beautiful, the most powerful, that the breeders of Bantoom could produce.
It will now be his valued privilege to represent an absent rector in a country living; remote from cities, secluded in pastoral solitude, among simple breeders of sheep.
They are good breeders of cattle, and are kind and merciful to the brute creation.
3 March 2010 - Chinese broiler producer Yuhe International has completed the construction of a new breeder farm, bringing the company's total number of breeder farms to 28, with 15 in operation today.
Hearing people say there's no such thing as a responsible dog breeder as long as millions of healthy animals are killed in shelters really gets my hackles up.
When the Clinch River Breeder Reactor (CRBR) project died last year (SN: 11/19/83, p.
New trial data demonstrates that adding Proviox Breeder to breeder diets can improve broiler growth performance and increase profits by $1.
While further details of the promotion will be announced in late June, I can say that we are looking forward to being a part of this exciting campaign and honored to be able to recognize the breeder, jockey and horse who expertly craft that one 'Perfect Trip' that stands above all the rest.
WELL-KNOWN breeder Bob McCreery, who has moved some of his mares to France in search of better premiums, has called for breeders' prizes in Britain to be weighted more in favour of Flat horses than jumpers.
Among those who spoke out against the decision was prominent British breeder the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, who in a letter to the Racing Post threatened to pull her entire operation out of the country.
One other prominent British breeder, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the premiums helped smaller operations, rather than promoting mediocrity.