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a gun that is loaded at the breech

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The action was not only strong, but limited the release of powder gases when the gun was discharged, a perennial problem with most non-cartridge firing breechloaders.
Apparently, like a Samuel Colt, a Charles Newton or an Arthur Savage, John Hall invented his successful breechloader without having any prior gunmaking experience.
This early breechloader was first introduced into Norwegian service in 1842.
When a breechloader was needed to equip the Turkish Army, the British Martini was considered a standout performer.
A quick learner, Sharps patented his own lever-activated, sliding-block breechloader in 1848, the first models of which were produced by A.
Boxer, the Snider system for converting the Enfield into a breechloader was approved in September 1866.
George Layman's The Ballard Breechloader, reveals the rifle was produced by no less than five different manufacturers prior to 1875, and total production is thought to have been about 20,000.
Secretary of War and noted soldier in his own right, that they probably felt this British-designed breechloader had some merit.
I must admit that pitting a circa-1850s state-of-the-art rifled breechloader against a throwback smoothbore seems a bit unfair.
Finally adopting the fine Westley-Richards "Monkey Tail" capping breechloader, most of the Sharps were sold out of service, some supposedly (possibly apocryphally) making their way back to the U.
Some Bavarians were also issued the excellent Werder metallic-cartridge breechloader, but not in enough numbers to make a major impact.