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A single glance assured her that they were intended for the weapon she had thrust inside the band of her riding breeches, and slipping them into her pocket she turned once more for an examination of the baffling likeness of herself that she held in her hand.
Marmaduke appeared in a suit of plain, neat black; Monsieur Le Quoi in a coat of snuff- color, covering a vest of embroidery, with breeches, and silk stockings, and buckles—that were commonly thought to be of paste.
Breeches of crimson velvet, silk stockings, and low, silver-buckled slippers completed his costume.
He is a tall, pock-pitted lad, very black hair, and wore a blue coat and metal buttons, an old red vest, and breeches of the same colour.
When the bell was rung, a head appeared between the interstices of the dining-room shutters, and the door was opened by a man in drab breeches and gaiters, with a dirty old coat, a foul old neckcloth lashed round his bristly neck, a shining bald head, a leering red face, a pair of twinkling grey eyes, and a mouth perpetually on the grin.
The bald-headed man, taking his hands out of his breeches pockets, advanced on this summons, and throwing Miss Sharp's trunk over his shoulder, carried it into the house.
And he bent his long legs, swatched in tight riding breeches, and sat down in the chair, too low for him, so that his knees were cramped up in a sharp angle.
He still wore knee-breeches, and dark cotton stockings on his nether limbs; but they were not THE breeches.
Another chief concern is that this disclosure is indicative of the possibility of broader security breeches.
Work, which included restoring critical transportation routes for emergency access and constructing temporary levees and repairing breeches to barrier beaches for coastal flood protection, is expected to be complete on Nov.
An inquest in Ipswich heard that the policy of delivering most breeches by caesarean has meant there is a lack of professionals experienced in vaginal breech deliveries.
Today we still use essentially a pair of breeches, although when you get into them it's really only your shoulders on show.
COMMONS Speaker John Bercow and his team of "men in tights" last year spent PS14,000 of taxpayers' cash on robes, breeches, wigs and stockings.
The cherished, "extremely rare" Geneva Breeches Bible is more than 400 years old and was kept covered with cloth to protect it from sunlight, inside a locked display case.
The rare 1589 Breeches Bible was taken after the locked glass cabinet in which it was kept at St Mary's Church, Trefriw, was levered open.