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a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing

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Instead of a tilting barrel to delay the recoil impulse, the R51 features a tilting breechblock inside the slide.
Like the Sharps, the Starr percussion nipple was attached to the breechblock, the flash from the percussion cap working its way through a tortuous channel to a small hole on a raised dome in the center of the breechblock, which transferred the spark to the rear of the cartridge.
I removed the breechblock and used a center punch to mark the spot so the drill wouldn't wander when drilling the firing pin hole.
If the springs wear out, closing the breechblock is no easy task.
Reliability was increased thanks to the redesign of elements of the breech, breechblock and automatic loading system, while state-of-the-art fire control system and automated navigation system was installed.
The only thing missing from the tank is the cannon's breechblock.
which contains a frame, barrel, breechblock, cylinder or slide that is not completely fabricated of heat-treated carbon steel, forged alloy or other material of equal or higher tensile strength.
The Mk 45 Mod 4 prototype incorporates strengthened structural components, a lengthened gun barrel, and newly redesigned housing, breechblock, slide, and recoil components to accommodate increased chamber pressure and greater recoil impulse required to fire the EX171 Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) up to 63 nautical miles.
Van Marel calls it his "clam shell" design because by flipping one lever, the bullpup can be immediately separated into three major components, the upper, lower and blowback-type breechblock.
Browning's original Model 1885 was plenty strong, but the breechblock raised straight up as the action was closed, so it had little camming power to force a cartridge into the chamber, an important point in the days of blackpowder.
The Model 99 is a hammerless lever action with a hefty breechblock, the rear of which locks up strongly against the solid receiver when the lever closes.
3, which is a similar single-shot rifle given a different lever and breechblock lockup, a barrel band that wrapped around the forend and wood that lacked checkering.
A If you look carefully on the right or left side of the breechblock below the rear part of the extractor, you'll see the head of a very small pin.
Better known as the Jenks-Merrill or simply "Jenks Carbine," it was designed by William Jenks and featured a sliding breechblock similar to that on the Westley-Richards Monkey tail rifle.
Well, the copper solid was high ten inches but the breechblock and the slide are locked up in the receiver face.