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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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Planned Cesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for breech presentation at term: a randomized multicentre trial.
Glezerman's workshop courses include techniques of breech delivery, changing presentation from breech to head and management of different breech presentations.
The patient was the fourth child of the parents and had been born at full term in breech presentation.
More recently, a study has been conducted on women's views on moxibustion for cephalic version in breech presentation (Mitchell & Allen, 2008) and a randomized controlled trial investigated the effects of yoga during pregnancy on maternal comfort, labour pain and birth outcomes (Chuntharapat, Petpichetchian, & Hatthakit, 2008).
With breech presentation, caesarean delivery had a large protective effect for fetal death.
3) Another Dutch survey compared the PNMR in breech presentation with that in vertex presentation in singleton pregnancies; it was concluded that breech presentation is not coincidental but a consequence of 'poor fetal quality'.
The infamous Term Breech Trial, "Planned caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for breech presentation at term: a randomised multicentre trial" was published in The Lancet in October of 2000.
Of the two infants exposed in utero, one was in a breech presentation and born prematurely, and the baby's mother also had taken penicillin, betamethasone, and alprazolam while pregnant.
However, in this extraordinary case, when a physician encountered a two-legged footling breech presentation, there should have been no question whatsoever that a C-Section was indicated.
T]he term "partial-birth abortion" means an abortion in which (A) the person performing the abortion deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus; and (B) performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially delivered living fetus.
Some causes are one or both forelimbs turned back, deviations of the head, breech presentation, posterior presentation or undilated cervix.
Unfortunately, she had had a very rough time: The baby was a breech presentation, and the head got caught up in the birth canal.
Cesarean section was performed at term because of breech presentation.
YOUR baby's a breech presentation and there's a complication during delivery.