breech delivery

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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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Whether this option is offered or not, teaching of vaginal breech delivery (and external cephalic version) must continue to remain an integral part of the trainee programme otherwise this option will not be viable in the future.
The researchers said the current findings are important because there are no data that show whether genes also could be a factor in breech delivery.
100 and the 5-year-old tetherless Pedi HAL S3005 simulator, will be featured in several demonstrations that address emergency care scenarios such as breech delivery, terrorism readiness and active shooter situations.
Koberstein and Rojas decided to go forward with home delivery, against what many doctors and midwives would recommend: A July 2006 study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that C-section is the "preferred mode for most physicians because of the diminishing expertise in vaginal breech delivery.
The official cause of death was given as Cerebral Hypoxia caused by an unassisted breech delivery.
She teaches both midwives and doctors about skills such as vaginal breech delivery.
Contract award: energy transport cable langenau breech delivery of a 30 kv cable.
The purse string acted like a noose around the baby's neck during the double-footling breech delivery causing baby Prince's head to be decapitated.
Her mum Lisa Lindberg, 33, told the Gazette: "Ellie was born by breech delivery in October.
But that phenomenon has caused the practice of vaginal breech delivery to wane.
Breech delivery of singletons generally has been shunned since the 2000 Term Breech Trial found greater morbidity from vaginal breech deliveries of singletons, compared with planned C-sections (Lancet 2000;356:1375-83).
Anatollie Nikolaev, the Russian instructor and head obstetrician, spent time lecturing me on Russian theory of breech delivery.
Alison, 29, of Carisbrooke Avenue, Thorntree, said: "Ironically, it was a straightforward birth, even though Eliza was a breech delivery.
He added that many obstetric residents do not have adequate training for breech delivery as a result of its decreasing incidence in the United States.
Contract notice: Energy transport cable langenau breech delivery of a 30kv cable.