breech delivery

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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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This is of serious concern, considering the possibility of legal claims where the conduct of breech delivery is raised as a possible cause of neurological damage to a child.
Although not randomized, another more recent study at Georgetown University showed that high-fidelity simulation training improved resident performance of vaginal breech delivery.
To the Editor: The safety of vaginal breech delivery is still a matter of debate.
Elizabeth McCorkle and Brant Cooper, who brought every ounce of their expertise to the frenzied and ultimately unsuccessful effort to prevent Koberstein's difficult breech delivery from going totally wrong.
Recent research has suggested that elective caesarean section (CS) for breech delivery at term is the safest option for most women.
Though the jury found that gross negligence was not proved beyond reasonable doubt in the Dunedin case, the reports do not suggest that the mother was informed of the best practice protocols for vaginal breech delivery.
He was horn by vaginal breech delivery, which be contends caused neurological damage and Erb's palsy, an injury to the shoulders.
Professor Gordon Stirrat, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Bristol University, said Mr and Mrs Hamill insisted on having Rosie at home despite being told of the serious risks and difficulties involved in a breech delivery.
I also explained to the girl that I am not a person of great stamina and the pain from my tooth could be favorably compared to that of a breech delivery, as it has been explained to me.
Other clinicians who are experienced with vaginal breech delivery have continued to recommend planned vaginal birth for selected women, with the view that vaginal birth would be associated with lower morbidity for the mother, would require fewer health-care resources, and would be less costly," they noted.
In that conversation, the nurse indicated that the plaintiff "failed to assist" in a breech delivery "improperly administered medication," and "inserted certain sutures without any local anesthetic.
Participating subjects were randomly assigned (masked allocation) to either PCD (n=1043) or to PVD by an accoucheur experienced in breech delivery (n=1045).
Has She Discussed a Vaginal Breech Delivery with Her Doctor or Midwife?
A woman in labor, waiting at home for her husband to take her to the hospital, delivered the baby herself after her contractions progressed quickly and she realized it was a breech delivery.
So in her third labour, despite it being a breech delivery, the Edinburgh mum was determined to give birth to her baby boy Rogan naturally.