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ZELDD 04 (AZ 112A; -60) intersected brecciated and faulted diorite stock intruded into limestone.
Thermal metamorphism was probably due to a combination of the following heat sources; the decay of short-lived radionuclides, electromagnetic induction during an early T-Tauri stage of the sun, or possibly the brecciated in situ target material being in proximity to an impact-generated melt sheet.
Similarly the sediments of Beds 1-3 were visibly reworked, with brecciated fragments of older lacustrine sediments, yet this material was sampled, pollen-counted and the results interpreted and indeed published, as if the sediments were uniform and primary
The drill program was designed to gain a better understanding of the recently discovered gold mineralization at Clam Lake hosted by strongly silicified and brecciated intrusive rocks, associated with an east-west trending subsurface apparent resistivity anomaly.
In October 2006, an EM-16 survey (Electromagnetic Arial Survey) indicated strong anomalies on the brecciated shear zones found on the George's Lake Properties.
The intersected gold zone is characterized by brecciated quartz vein and strong silica-sericite-carbonate-pyrite alteration.
Three Molycorp Inc and two Hecla drill holes have significant intercepts of mineralized carbonatite and silicocarbonatite breccias (1% to 3% total REO) that could represent the brecciated top of a large buried carbonatite plug.
IP survey has identified resistivity O chargeability anomalies coincident with a 2 km long ridge formed by silica veined and brecciated rock at the Planalto target.
The 102 channel samples taken across the highly oxidized and brecciated zone returned 2.
The sedimentary rocks are strongly fractured and brecciated.
All the highly anomalous samples and most of the samples with greater than 20 ppb gold and 5 ppm silver are hosted by highly fractured and/or brecciated quartzite with introduced silica, or by a prominent jasperoid ledge.
The Table Top claims cover a gold bearing brecciated and silicified sediment that is poorly exposed and has only been unsystematically explored and partially drill tested in the past.
The copper mineralization consists of veins of fractured or brecciated quartz with impregnations of ore minerals or their secondary products.
Recent reconnaissance at Azul has indicated anomalous amounts of copper, moly and arsenic in tourmaline-rich, extensively brecciated rocks, similar to other porphyry copper zones in the region.
Primary silver mineralization occurs with sphalerite, galena and pyrite in veinlets and in the matrix of a brecciated rhyolite.