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a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand

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It is noteworthy holes LN-34, 37 and 38-15 extend mineralized breccia to 250 to 300 meters vertically below the surface exposure confirming the depth potential of the La Negra Breccia pipe.
Shane Ebert, President of Gold Reach, commented: "we are very excited to have drilled into a large zone of mineralized breccia containing rounded milled clasts of sedimentary rocks, intrusive rocks, and quartz veins in a hydrothermal and intrusive matrix.
Combining the high-grade intervals encountered within the lower breccia host in 13-08 and 13-11 with the high-grade intervals in the upper breccia as found in RR11-16, 12-01 and 12-10 extends the North Bullion high-grade zone a further 50 meters to 250 meters, within a much larger envelope of above-one-gram material which is now 1000 meters (1km) long and averages 300 meters wide.
For geologists, the breccia pipes have been stimulating questions that are yet unanswered.
Located on the Colorado Plateau province of northern Arizona known as the Arizona Strip, the North Pipes Super Project is targeted specifically for high-grade uranium mineralization through numerous breccia pipes.
La Negra is a strong and explosive diatreme breccia as evidenced by the strong tourmaline-sericite-quartz alteration throughout the matrix and dominant sericite alteration of clasts and textures and variety of clasts.
The breccia pipes are part of the large uranium bearing breccia pipe terrain which occurs on the Arizona Strip lying just south of the Utah border.
States Kootenay President and CEO James McDonald "We are very pleased to conclude our inaugural drill program on the La Negra Diatreme Breccia system that has resulted in a significant and exciting new silver discovery in Mexico.
Holes LN 15 to 18 were drilled at the western edge of the breccia and seem to define the western extent of the main breccia body.
The holes have penetrated the northwest and northeast walls of the Neola breccia pipe in four places.
The purpose of these holes was to probe part of the Neola area where multiple geoscientific indicators suggest potential for a good breccia pipe within the Neola collapse structure.
V)("Kootenay") is pleased to announce all seven holes of its Phase I drill program on its La Negra Diatreme Breccia prospect have returned significant grades of widespread silver mineralization extending from surface to depth, confirming a substantial new silver discovery.
These Properties were acquired as a result of the Company's geological teams' identification of several breccia pipes on the Properties.
This drill is designed so that a true vertical hole can be drilled through the cobbles and boulders of the three targeted uranium bearing collapse breccia pipes without significant deviation.