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Synonyms for breathtaking

Synonyms for breathtaking

tending to cause suspension of regular breathing


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With no one else in sight, we paddled out about a half- mile, docked in a shallow reef, then snorkeled among colorful fish and breathtaking coral formations.
All The Way was third behind Breathtaking View on his first UAE start.
Zooming down to the microscopic level of individual scales--each roughly 50 by 100 microns--reveals a breathtaking view of functional bio-architecture.
Offering convenient boarding at prime locations around the Bay, including San Francisco, Alameda, Sausalito, Berkeley, Emeryville, Tiburon, Vallejo and Sacramento, BDYC's tour selections include breathtaking views of the Barbary Coast, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island, Raccoon Straights, the Bay Bridge, and more.
The sweeping lyrics, evocative of the resilience and beauty of nature, distinguish this breathtaking celebration of California in free verse.
On June 19, the Bush-Ashcroft Justice Department filed a brief with the Fourth District Court of Appeal outlining a claim of presidential power that is breathtaking in its scope and bone-chilling in its implications.
Breathtaking, which has been created for youngsters aged from three to seven, is being staged at Warwick Arts Centre.
Similarly, each floor of the breathtaking three-level main dining room is distinctly decorated and named after the operas Carmen, La Boheme and The Magic Flute.
To this end, the two invest heavily in the individuality of their dancers, providing each with the chance to create solos, thus intensifying the piece's energy and breathtaking diversity.
This will be a breathtaking building, not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but also in terms of comfort and amenities," Golinsky said.
CANCUN, Mexico -- Besides being one of the top leisure vacation destinations in the world with its white sandy beaches, breathtaking archeological sites, unique nautical activities and more, Cancun also offers state-of-the-art meeting and group facilities, tax-free.
The show sees a full scale cast of 25 world class performers bring to life Queen's greatest hits in one dynamic, breathtaking show.
An introduction and several essays offer insight into the complexity and majesty of the arctic ecosystem and the role that birds play, but the majority of Arctic Wings is devoted to breathtaking photography.
The offices boast 13 foot ceilings and seven-foot windows with breathtaking views.
Combining historical record and modern-day adventure, as an uncle and nephew retrace the steps their grandfather blazed during the Klondike Rush of 1897-98, River Time is a breathtaking journey that stunningly portrays beautiful natural scenery, the rough hardships of nature, and reflects upon the reality of fierce human competition then and now.