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a dyspneic condition

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Richard Casaburi, at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed), has found that supervised exercise can reduce the feelings of breathlessness, increase the tolerance for exercise, and improve quality of life in COPD patients.
Breathlessness leads to disability, handicap, loss of independence and social isolation.
Still, we were right about the big and, once she'd climbed the steps to the VIP lounge, the breathlessness as well.
In a study of 1,159 people, women who said they cooked with gas were more likely to have had wheezing, breathlessness, asthma attacks and hay fever during the past year than women who used other cooking methods.
A Japanese study published in the May 12 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE helps characterize asthmatics who are prone to life-threatening episodes of breathlessness.
Lydia Stewart, of Oldbury Road, Rowley Regis, had gone to her GP complaining of breathlessness before the tragedy unfolded.
Based in Whitchurch Hospital grounds, the hospice holds various groups and clinics for patients and their carers including a day centre, reflexology, massage and breathlessness clinics.
Other possible symptoms include breathlessness, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.
These symptoms - debilitating breathlessness, coughing and wheezing - can be so bad that victims are left unable to speak.
Teaching patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) how to deal with frightening and debilitating attacks of breathlessness can halve emergency hospital admissions, research shows.
A cough caused by a cold will never cause breathlessness on its own although it can aggravate an underlying problem such as asthma.
Your local pharmacy can provide advice to help to manage mild breathlessness, however if shortness of breath is moderate to severe, make sure you visit your GP or call 999 in an emergency.
SEEK medical help urgently if you develop any of the following: | Slurred speech or confusion | Extreme shivering or muscle pain | Passing no urine (in a day) | Severe breathlessness | It feels like you're going to die | Skin mottled or discoloured IF your child is unwell with either a fever or very low temperature (or has had a fever in the last 24 hours), just ask: could it be sepsis?
Summary: Doctors urge precautions amidst rise in cases of breathlessness and asthmatic attacks
Symptoms can include slurred speech or confusion, extreme shivering or muscle pain, passing no urine in a day, severe breathlessness, feeling you might die, skin mottled or discoloured.