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The no confidence motion would rather buy the UPA breathing time of another six months, the party thinks.
Using iSonea's proprietary Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring (ARM (TM)) technology, SonoSentry calculates a WheezeRATE (TM), the percentage of breathing time spent wheezing.
CRUMBLING stables at Preston Park became a living, breathing time capsule in the 1970s.
He did say, however, that another option that might be considered would be to push back the issuance of the first-quarter fiscal 2013 tax bill, to give taxpayers a little breathing time between tax bills.
Although there were some concerns at one point that terms would not be agreed, bondholders agreed overwhelmingly for the restructuring that allows Greece some breathing time.
We just want to leave everything on the floor," Eric Altamirano Philippine's coach had said before the game to FIBA Asia media which reported that his boys hit the floor really hard without giving Yemen any breathing time.
Summer brings with it relief from classes and students, it is the breathing time of academia.
IF YOU'RE giving yourself some breathing time then well done you, but you still need to consider the deadlines around you.
Out came note-perfect renditions of Honkey Tonk Woman, Jumping Jack Flash and Under My Thumb and Slane bounced to Let's Spend the Night Together and Brown Sugar, while numbers like Angie gave breathing time in an otherwise exhausting performance.
With so many broadheads on the market in such a short time, the company needs a little breathing time to focus on manufacturing so it can supply dealers with their entire order immediately.
Standard SCBAs provide only 60 minutes of breathing time, Kenneweg said.
With a nebulizer, during the time the patient is exhaling, which is approximately two-thirds of the breathing time, a lot of the drug may be released into the environment.
Hence, the bioreactor is intermittently filled and drained with the nutrient solution to allow for repetitive nourishment time and breathing time for the roots.
As the revolution progressed and the Commonwealth was organized (1650-59), the breathing time lasted only to give way to persecutions again after the monarchy was reestablished.