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Synonyms for breathing space



Synonyms for breathing space

sufficient room for easy breathing or movement

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They have all gone now, thank heaven, except one, so that I have a little breathing space before others begin to arrive.
There were but few people about in this breathing space of a poor neighbourhood.
That is why I think it is every woman's duty never to leave them alone for a single moment, except during this short breathing space after dinner; without which I believe we poor women would be absolutely worn to shadows.
Included in the BBC-led Breathing Spaces campaign is St Mary's Church Aided School in Overton, Wrexham, which received pounds 3,050 to host an open day to promote their community wildlife garden, a vegetable and fruit garden and an outdoor educational centre.
The Friends of Gorse Farm Wood secured a grant from WREN, a landfill tax body, and the Lottery's Breathing Spaces scheme.
With help from the Breathing Spaces project the churchyard will be made more environmentally friendly by planting native trees and shrubs.
May I thank Stuart Johnston and the rangers at Albert Park, Middlesbrough, plus the BBC staff at Breathing Spaces, for transforming the garden at West Lodge, Albert Park where our Sea Cadets hold their parade nights.
More recently, Harry Seidler's Capita Centre in Sydney features both sunshades and generous hanging gardens in a spiralling, fragmented configuration, supported b a braced steel frame set, like Foster's structure, in front of the main facades Air-conditioned though these buildings are, the recessed terraces and shaded walls nevertheless afford welcome outside breathing spaces and had the effect o reducing energy loads.
Families who arrive at Sutton Coldfield Library will also discuss creating space for wildlife in gardens as part of the BBC's Breathing Spaces initiative.