breathing room

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sufficient room for easy breathing or movement

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Antony Gormley with his installation, Breathing Room III, at the White Cube Gallery, in London
And breathing room matters: Overseas, with a slightly less crowded sked, both "Pirates 3" and "Spidey 3" have shown more staying power thanks to the absence of "Shrek 3" in most markets, where it will roll out later in the summer.
Prior to forming Breathing Room with top session guitarist Kevin Dukes, Roper -- who also plays keyboards in the group -- was leading and directing music at a Chatsworth church and handling pop sessions and corporate gigs in Los Angeles and beyond.
Go to the breathing room and smile, closing the door behind you peacefully.
Combined with Wall Street pressure, the allure of fast, dot-com "solutions" distracted the auto industry at a critical time--when it still had substantial resources and some breathing room.
Breathing Room is published by Piatkus, price pounds 5.
Analysts agree the success of the deal gives the government breathing room in dealing with the country's mounting debt by deferring $16 billion in debt costs through 2005.
Breathing Room by Patricia Elam Pocket Books, January 2001, $24.
We would have preferred a repeal of the 15 percent reduction, but the one-year delay at least gives agencies some more breathing room," says Valerie Tully, director of public relations for the National Association for Home Care.
Eviscerating the Endangered Species Act while turning over federal lands to mining and logging interests means, among other things, less breathing room and a less robust gene pool for grizzlies.
They sent back the checks they had been holding and we have a new lease, some breathing room.
It's Day Seven and all of the babies continue to be stable, breathing room air, and being tube-fed donated breast milk as well as receiving an intravenous nutritional supplement.
On Flintridge Prep's ensuing possession, Myers received a pass along the right baseline, hesitated at first, then buried her third basket of the final quarter to give the Rebels some breathing room.
They provide the breathing room a developer needs to acquire a site quickly, or create the architectural designs and analyses for new construction projects.
Arranged in clusters and allowed plenty of breathing room, the "Today" paintings--spanning January 25, 1966 to June 10, 2004 and produced according to the rule that they must be finished by midnight or destroyed--looked phenomenal, in every sense of the term.