breathing machine

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a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure

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com/poolecho They said a hospital in Glasgow had a stronger breathing machine that might give her time but another expert ruled she was unlikely to survive the flight.
He was also attached to a breathing machine at night so he didn't stop breathing.
Doctors hooked up Maria to a breathing machine the day she came out and a tube is used to feed her.
He's been taken off the breathing machine and he's breathing by himself now.
There was a concerted effort with the help of physicians to give him as much relief as possible, and part of that was a CPAP machine to deal with the sleep apnea," the adviser said, referring to the breathing machine used to treat the disorder.
A pilot scheme has seen eight people successfully undergo treatment with donor lungs that have had liquid nutrients pumped through the organ while they are kept alive with oxygen supplied from a breathing machine.
The company will supply Ja'alan Bani Bu Ali Hospital with portable X-Ray machine, portable incubators, Artificial Breathing Machine, some physiotherapy equipment and 20 patient monitors.
It's only a few months back when I first saw this child who was so sick requiring support on dialysis and a breathing machine.
It led to Laura becoming reliant on a breathing machine to breathe at Birmingham Children's Hospital with a lung transplant ruled out due to unusual antibodies in her blood.
Kong, who placed the child on a breathing machine to assist his underdeveloped lungs.
A 73-year-old women died in the southwestern Gironde department when the storm cut electricity powering her breathing machine.
I didn't want to end up being hooked up to a breathing machine and wanted to see my four grandchildren grow up.
However, I took him to a "sleep clinic" and now he has a breathing machine that he uses at night, wearing just a facemask that delivers air pressure into the mouth and nose to prevent the obstructive apnea.
She could not breathe lying in bed, so she needed a breathing machine.