breathing device

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a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure

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In his positive pressure breathing device and anti-g suit regulator he had the workings of an intermittent positive pressure ventilator.
During the consequent rescue efforts, the first rescuer found he was unable to enter the chain locker wearing a breathing apparatus and he, donned an emergency escape breathing device.
While swimming to strengthen his healing, he got the idea for an underwater breathing device and invented the aqualung, the precursor to our present SCUBA gear.
His breathing muscles were destroyed and he was placed in an artificial breathing device called an iron lung, spending 24 hours a day in the metal breathing machine.
One of the greatest examples of creative thinking and collaboration was in the movie "Apollo 13" when Mission Control had to instruct the crew of the crippled spacecraft how to build a breathing device.
During their exercises, pilots use the Sea MK II auxiliary breathing device.
But, after observing the child for an evening, it was determined that an abnormality was stifling his normal breathing patterns and was treated using a breathing device.
The city successfully countered by presenting proof that firefighters must be clean shaven to successfully use a breathing device when fighting fires.
In cases of neck injury involving the spine, using the rigid breathing device is difficult because the head and neck cannot be moved or the patient might be paralyzed.
Use of a special breathing device as they slept by patients with heart failure resulted in dramatic improvements in their condition, far greater than what drugs could bring about.
With the Exalenz BreathID[R] System, Fidelis offers an in-office testing solution using a dedicated breathing device that is located in the physician's office.
Tenders are invited for supply , delivery and erection of chlorinator ranging from 0 to 5 kg per hour and of emergency life breathing device at adoni municipality.
Sources have revealed that doctors used a special breathing device to clear the ' The Departed' star's lungs.
I had also seen a breathing device which they had pioneered for babies on Tomorrow's World so I knew they were open to new ideas.
McFadden was among the rescuers who arrived at the scene, and he created makeshift scuba gear using a breathing device worn by firefighters when they battle a blaze.