breathing apparatus

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a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure

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The department bought the breathing apparatus, used when firefighters enter burning buildings, in 2004.
For more information regarding Capital Safety's NEW DBI-SALA Delta[TM] REPEL[TM] Breathing Apparatus Full Body Harness Range call 1800 245 002 (AUS), 0800 212 505 (NZ) or visit www.
He said: "Four off icers wearing breathing apparatus succeeded in extinguishing the f ire.
Originally it was reported that the woman's father was upstairs but officers in breathing apparatus established that this was not the case.
Depending on the mission and requirements the FM53 can be used as a standalone APR or self-contained breathing apparatus, a powered air purifying respirator or closed circuit breathing apparatus.
Firefighters, using breathing apparatus, tackled the fierce fire for over an hour.
Draeger has introduced its new breathing apparatus which it says is ideal for use in industrial applications requiring either a short-duration entry unit, airline emergency escape breathing apparatus or dual function unit.
Crews from South Shields, Hebburn, Washington, Newcastle Central and Gateshead were scrambled to the scene and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were sent into the building which had been partially evacuated minutes earlier.
can be operated as either a powered or non-powered air purifying respirator, an open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus or a supplied-air respirator.
After Chornyj found nothing on the market outside of the bulky, single cylinder, self-contained breathing apparatus, he decided to design a better one.
The M-8 Pico Custom Cordset and Mating Receptacle is a custom designed cable and connector system designed for use in life support systems, such as the NXG2 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, which provides firefighters with vital air and breathing information to help protect them against suffocation.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were called in and police were forced to close the road for up to five hours.
Steve, 22, plunged into the ground floor flat below wearing a full breathing apparatus kit on his back.
Two Green Goddesses and a breathing apparatus team attended the scene.
Firefighters in breathing apparatus burst into the smoke-filled flat and rescued the pair.