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Work has started this week to breathe life into an overgrown garden.
People can have their say on plans to breathe life into historic gardens on Teesside.
If the goal of Essence Books Editor Patrik Henry Bass is to breathe life into his recounting of the 1963 March on Washington, one of the most significant events of the Civil Rights Movement, he definitely achieves his mission by using previously unavailable interviews, reportage, photos and behind-the-scenes commentary in his new book, Like a Mighty Stream: The March on Washington August 28, 1963.
The `Breathing Life' partnership was formed to do exactly what the name suggests,'' said Janet Reed, British Gas national manager for Wales, ``to breathe life into the lives of those affected by cystic fibrosis.
Yet they didn't breathe life into Kenneth MacMillan's Las Hermanas.
I have enjoyed working with the senior management team of National Investment Managers in helping to breathe life into this organization, and I am proud to be a part of the company's inevitable transition in leadership," stated Stierwalt.
27 billion) in Italian companies on Monday, aiding efforts by Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti to breathe life into a weak economy.
For that film, Elizalde and his team breathe life into the sinister inhabitants of Shyamalan's imagination.
While the author's engaging, rich and wickedly damaged characters breathe life into this complex tale, the plotline is problematic, and the story eventually falls apart.
Producers say computer animation will breathe life into Scooby.
JOHN Higgins is looking to this week's Benson and Hedges Irish Masters in County Kildare to breathe life into his ailing season.
Windows developers can easily breathe life into a user interface with Qt, making Qt-based projects as easily as an ActiveX or MFC project.