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Synonyms for breathalyse

test someone's alcohol level in his blood by means of a breathalyzer


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The experimental group (DD group) comprised those drivers who accepted to take part in the intervention and to be breathalyzed after completing a questionnaire at the exit of the club.
A man who rammed into a highway message board on Hwy 95 was breathalyzed by police, and registered a blood alcohol level of .
Tallila was completing pre-flight checks for a flight from Manchester Airport to Dalmatian, Turkey when police, acting on a tip from a taxi driver who had driven Tallila to the airport, breathalyzed him.
The fine for refusing to be breathalyzed will be raised to 300,000 yen from the current 50,000 yen.
She told police who breathalyzed her: "I've been stupid.
TESTING TIME: Campbell will be breathalyzed three times a day at Elgin Police Station