breath of fresh air

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a welcome relief

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Uribe is such a breath of fresh air in Latin America; it's nice to have a country down there that's dependable.
For Lenten reading (as the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams encourages)--this book is a breath of fresh air and will not disappoint.
This vertical integration, as well as a staff that works with growing companies every day, is like a breath of fresh air to firms in need of funding.
It was truly a breath of fresh air when I read Fehren's letter.
Every page of his book has a little boxed quote that invigorates the text like a breath of fresh air.
Allardyce said: 'Gary has been a breath of fresh air, not just in terms of a footballer but also as a lad.
In particular, for those who cut their Old Testament teeth on something similar to John Bright's A History of Israel, a book resting peacefully on many a shelf, this introduction offers a breath of fresh air.
Forced by heat and smoke to leave for a breath of fresh air, she enlisted the help of a neighbor and a bystander who had arrived at the scene.
But reiterating the existence of American imperialism in clear visual terms from within our historical moment is a rare breath of fresh air.
The document destruction service industry has proliferated to a point that a new, more efficient shredding technology is a sorely needed breath of fresh air.
By offering more than a simplistic view of African American fraternities and sororities on college campuses as antiquated, elitist or violent, Black Greek 101 is a breath of fresh air.
With delicately grooved and laminated seat and backrest, Runner is a breath of fresh air in the cafeteria, the conference or meeting room--and is ideal as a guest chair.
He told 18-stone Michelle, 22, from Glasgow, who sang Hey Jude: "You are a breath of fresh air.
For parents tired of carbon copy cut 'n' style dolls, Kailey, the newest American Girl Today, will be a breath of fresh air.
The caption below the title "the Courage to be pro-life" is a refreshing breath of fresh air to those dedicated men, women and children who care about the most defenceless persons being destroyed in their mothers' wombs.