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fortification consisting of a low wall

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Natty stood all this time in a menacing attitude, with his rifle pointed over the breastwork, watching with a quick and cautions eye the least movement of the assail ants.
The sides of the ship rose three feet above the upper deck, forming an excellent breastwork, which we loopholed at intervals that we might lie prone and fire upon an enemy.
First one and then the other would partially raise himself above his breastwork of horseflesh, fire his weapon and immediately drop flat behind his shelter, where he would reload and repeat the act a moment later.
On the level of the ground little archways sometimes pass through this breastwork, by which means the defenders can crawl out to the stockade and reconnoitre their enemies.
I drew my little troop in among those trees, and placing ourselves in a line behind one long tree, I advised them all to alight, and keeping that tree before us for a breastwork, to stand in a triangle, or three fronts, enclosing our horses in the centre.
The autocratic landlady withdrew into the house with Riah and Miss Jenny, and disposed those forces, one on either side of her, within the half-door of the bar, as behind a breastwork.
2 to the breastworks, regulation and changes to the new railway track sets ii and v track, control and replacing the dilapidated railway track sets new on switches 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Forced into their breastworks during the night, the entrenched Federals became much more difficult.
At Johnston's Jolly, the trench lines are just that distance apart - the long line of the Turkish breastworks still visible, so too the zigzag lines of the ANZAC trenches.
The author has published a number of books on the Civil War and other historical battle engagements but this book has photographic renderings of ancient relics and breastworks utilized by both Union and Confederate forces.
From the reconstructed breastworks, one can see the fields of fire available to the British and their colonial allies and the advantages offered by the depth of their defenses for internal lines of maneuver and sustainment.
Focusing, therefore, on generalships, command decisions, strategy, and tactics, while not ignoring the role social and political forces played in conditioning the views and attitudes (and thereby morale) of ordinary soldiers, he argues that the tactical deadlock of the first years of the war did not result solely from the inherent superiority of the power of the defensive, the rifled musket, and breastworks, as has been argued elsewhere, but also combined rampant command inexperience and failure to recognize offensive opportunities.
The road, which ran some 300 yards to the left of the river as the Americans advanced, was intersected at the bend by a deep re-entrant where a cleared area provided a limited field of fire and the defenders erected a line of breastworks and abatis with a blockhouse next to the continuing forest.
As the Confederates drove the Federals back, First Lieutenant McCammon took command of Company F in a desperate defense of the breastworks.