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Little Pearl, who was as greatly pleased with the gleaming armour as she had been with the glittering frontispiece of the house, spent some time looking into the polished mirror of the breastplate.
They that held Adresteia and the land of Apaesus, with Pityeia, and the high mountain of Tereia--these were led by Adrestus and Amphius, whose breastplate was of linen.
I do not recognize your armor, and your breastplate bears no arms.
Quicker than the eye could see, the sword of the visored knight flew from its scabbard, and, with a single lightning-like move, sent the blade of young De Montfort hurtling cross the courtyard; and then before either could take another step, Bertrade de Montfort had sprung between them and placing a hand upon the breastplate of the outlaw stretched forth the other with palm out-turned toward her kinsmen as though to protect Norman of Torn from further assault.
I had lined a beautiful swarm that very day into the hollow of a dead beech, and there lay the people's officer at its roots, with a hole directly through the 'grace of God;' which he carried in his jacket pocket covering his heart, as if he thought a bit of sheepskin was a breastplate against a squatter's bullet
There was a vast difference noticeable between these consummate apparatuses and the old cork breastplates, jackets, and other contrivances in vogue during the eighteenth century.
And when they come on the stage attended by a vast body- guard of supes in helmets and tin breastplates, it will be my duty as well as my pleasure to inform the ignorant that no crowned head of my acquaintance has a soldier any where about his house or his person.
And so, from hour to hour, march up along the road ever fresh groups and bands of armed men, their casques and breastplates flashing back the long low lines of morning sunlight, until, as far as eye can reach, the way seems thick with glittering steel and prancing steeds.
There are more breastplates than gaberdines to be seen, I promise you.
They covered their shins with leaves of mallows, and had breastplates made of fine green beet-leaves, and cabbage-leaves, skilfully fashioned, for shields.
Adam recently celebrated scooping a lucrative order for pikes, breastplates and helmets from the soon-to-be-opened Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
The vertically strung bone hairpipe breastplate is of the type commonly worn by women, though occasionally worn by men of this period for use in such Wild West events.
Along with his hip urban wear and silver grill on his teeth, he wears a striking traditional breastplate made in the Contemporary Aboriginal Sculptural Practices course taught by Devine.
The President: Palestine is resurrected," wrote Al-Ayyam, which also carried a cartoon depicting a soaring eagle with a breastplate in the colours of the Palestinian flag over the logo "The state of Palestine.
Ysgol Pendorlan, Colwyn Bay, folk dance group at the 1963 National Eisteddfod in Llandudno Above: Robin Llwyd ab Owain of Ruthin, pictured in September 1991 with the Delyn Eisteddfod 1991 chair which he won for his poem Merch ein Hamserau Left: Gwilym R Tilsley, pictured in 1970 in his archdruid's regalia, including the breastplate and the crown.