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without a breast


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Further, in a striking photograph of the MTS schoolroom taken in the early 1930s, several Caucasian training dolls are shown lined up beneath the poster of a profiled human head and large-framed, breastless torso with internal parts rectangularly stylized and exposed.
Breastless But Still Breathing: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey is the true memoir of a women who, when faced with breast cancer, confronted her fears head on with the aid of friends, family, and the latest advances in medical technology.
Dil dons beautiful lingerie, which is erotically unveiled as Jordan's camera pans down what we now see is a breastless body to the black penis--the woman is a man.
We rediscover the Amazons fighting bravely on an eternal battlefield of endless horizons and limitless frontiers; we see ourselves flexing bows against our breastless chests, each arrow victoriously striking its mark.
As the fashion industry has favoured the breastless stick-thin model, so real women's interests have been dwarfed by the slimmer hips of teenagers and the resulting huge market for pre-pubescent fashion.