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If the courts are led to believe that they are being asked to pick between preserving the breast-feeding relationship and encouraging the father's bond with the child, they will absolutely favor the father's bond," Baldwin said.
And there's no keener advocate of breast-feeding than me.
Health experts say breast-feeding is the best source of nutrition for newborns, increasing babies' immune systems and reducing their chances of obesity in adulthood.
Now South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is opening a new breast-feeding clinic in Redcar, for those experiencing feeding problems, to help tackle the issue.
Jane Buckton, LifeCheck co-ordinator for Durham County Council, said: "We are now widening out our breast-feeding venue scheme where we actively flag up businesses across the county which have signed up to our breast-feeding friendly scheme.
He was talking to reporter on the eve of 20th Global Breast-Feeding Week, which will commence on September 17 and ends on 23rd.
Each time zone will try to set the simultaneous breast-feeding record.
Some mums bottle-feed because they condemn breast-feeding as disgusting and embarrassing.
After 12 months, breast-feeding can continue as long as both mother and baby want to do it, according to the statement.
The latest honour recognises AKH's Breast-feeding Centre as Qatar's first integrated multidisciplinary breast-feeding management programme.
There should be a general consensus on creating policies on breast-feeding in South Africa, Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi said last month, suggesting that making baby formula available by prescription only could be on the cards.
According to the AAP, breast-feeding decreases the likelihood of a variety of infectious diseases, ear infections and diarrhea, among other benefits.
The risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission associated with breast-feeding may be especially high if the woman has only recently become infected according to a prospective cohort study conducted in Zimbabwe.
Breast-feeding may lower women's risk of type 2 diabetes.
1429) studied whether sensitization and development of allergic disease is associated with duration of breast-feeding and perinatal exposures to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and methylmercury.