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Isobel was determined to breast-feed her three youngsters from day one.
Companies should be fined for not letting women breast-feed their children as they are discriminating against both mother and child - Paula Murray, Kilsyth.
This mother belongs to the school of extreme parenting where mums breast-feed into late childhood, let their child sleep with them and, as babies, carry them everywhere in a sling.
Fellow peer counsellor, Louise Robinson, 24, said her efforts to breast-feed her first child, Reece, now five, floundered due to lack of support.
001) that permits women to breast-feed in all public places.
We want to support women in their decision to breast-feed and help them continue to do so.
However, this new research indicates that simply making the decision to breast-feed during pregnancy outweighs all these factors combined.
A new report has called on Birmingham City Council and the NHS to provide more facilities and support to encourage mothers to breast-feed.
We did not find an association between PBB exposure and a decision to breast-feed or breast-feeding duration.
Researchers said there should be no change to the advice that "breast is best", but the study raised questions over how long mothers ought to breast-feed.
Trying to breast-feed for six months is unrealistic for many mums.
The women were eligible if they delivered at 34 weeks or later, intended to breast-feed and had no illness that would prevent them from doing so.
mothers can be persuaded to breast-feed, and indeed it is breast-feeding that accounts for these benefits, then the United States might improve its poor ranking among industrialized countries for postneonatal death," said Dr.
Health experts in Birmingham yesterday launched a new campaign to encourage mothers to breast-feed their babies.
MOTHERS who breast-feed their babies could be rewarded with government food vouchers in a bid to encourage more women to adopt the practice, it emerged today.