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a pocket inside of a man's coat

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New Delhi [India], Jan 17 ( ANI ): For the past four decades, if men regarded the breast pocket on their suit at all, it was as an extra place to store sunglasses or business cards.
A Wilson-Beretta 92 Compact Carry rode with reasonable comfort in that dedicated breast pocket, fairly quick to hand via its discreetly concealed zip-down opening.
Like all good pack-a-macs, it stows away nicely into itself, with the left breast pocket turning into a handy bag which you can strap around your waist.
One of the pellets struck him in the chest but the lucky silver tin happened to be in his breast pocket and took the impact.
The tech is on a little square on the breast pocket.
Kazunobu Sakamoto, 33, was charged with illegal possession of ammunition at the Pasay City prosecutor's office when two 9mm bullets were found hidden inside the breast pocket of a long-sleeved shirt in his luggage.
Blackhawk rarely makes anything that isn't "tactical," and I think what qualifies here, besides a large hidden zipper pocket behind the left breast pocket, is the fact that the shirt doesn't scream "concealed handgun
The victim, a month short of his 81st birthday, was unable to defend himself when the intruder threatened to kill him, demanded cash and even searched his breast pocket.
Without the BP (the breast pocket, I mean, not the oil empire), I have to jam the little proof of purchase into one of those bulging side pockets, already filled with touring necessities.
I really appreciate the breast pocket design with pencil sleeves that keep my two pencils and a 6-in, steel rule in place even when I stoop to pick something up off the floor.
suit, shirt buttoned to the throat, handkerchief in my breast pocket,
At that time, a syndicator was your stereotypical dapper traveling salesman (there were very few women then) who--in a suit showing off his handkerchief drooping from the breast pocket (the puff fold), a collar pin underneath the knot of the necktie and wearing a pinky ring--visited local TV stations trying to wiggle out with a 30-minute time slot from the program or station manager.
In the trenches he carried it in his left breast pocket, and it saved his life by stopping the full force of a German sniper round aimed with pinpoint accuracy, fortunately, as it turned out, at his heart.
Employing the Funnel's “no-touch technique” eliminates the resistance allowing the implant to easily slip into the surgically created breast pocket without ever coming in contact with the incision site.