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nourishing at the breast


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He was addressing an orientation workshop on ''Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Breast Feeding and Child Nutrition Act 2015'' held by provincial Health Department in Collaboration with UNICEF here on Wednesday.
They were initially syringe fed while being observed in nursery (12-24 hours) and subsequently advised to start breast feeding.
Addressing a seminar on "Saving Newborn Lives by Early Initiation of Breastfeeding" here he said the legislation would help a lot to ensure the fundamental right of breast feeding to the newborns and healthy future of new generation.
This signifies poor implementation of breast feeding policies in health care settings and also signifies the missed opportunity to educate the mother and her relatives about the importance of EBF.
They analysed the duration of breast feeding for each child, total amount of time a woman had breast-fed, and the average time of breast-feeding per child; the average duration of breast feeding was divided into four groups: less than 2.
Breast feeding is a more economic option than formula feeding," says Gina Ciagne, director of breast feeding and consumer relations at Lansinoh Laboratories Inc.
or those for whom routine advice on breast feeding is less accessible because of linguistic difficulties," they comment.
The loving closeness which develops during breast feeding helps the bonding process between mum and baby.
As part of National Breast Feeding Awareness Week this week, midwives are hoping to persuade more mums to adopt the method.
I have got eczema and asthma and breast feeding can help protect against allergies, so that was the most important part.
IT'S one of the healthiest and most natural things a woman can do - yet breast feeding still remains a social taboo.
It found the number who initially tried breast feeding rose from 55 per cent in 1995 to 63 per cent in 2000.
We have not discovered why breast feeding means children grow up less likely to be obese.
If a mum is breast feeding, she gets a token for fresh milk worth pounds 2.
Advice from the obstetrician and other sources: do they affect women's breast feeding practices?