breast cancer

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cancer of the breast

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He shows how the history of breast cancer treatment was for many centuries embedded in Galenic humoral of "black bile"--theories which resulted in the rejection of surgical intervention and the use of a variety of ineffective herbal concoctions.
During an average period of almost three years, invasive breast cancer was diagnosed in 9,364 women.
Women with breast cancer only appear to have had more abortions than healthy women.
Your risk of breast cancer increases with your age after age 40.
Mammograms are also recommended for younger women who have symptoms of breast cancer or who have a high risk of getting breast cancer.
In its early days, ABMT for breast cancer was considered an investigative therapy by many payers, and thus considered ineligible for coverage.
I'm a victim of this tragic disorder myself, though I still manage to hobble around, so I was briefly cheered when a doctor told me recently that I didn't have to worry much about breast cancer, given my size.
Catherine and Patricia Eagon and their colleagues have yet to find an answer to the cancer-related questions about herbal remedies, but their preliminary findings have yielded important information for women who are not at high risk of breast cancer.
At first glance, the declining death rate for breast cancer looks great--until you break it out by rate.
Adding to many lesbians' fears is the fact that they've come to believe their risk of developing breast cancer is much greater than that of heterosexual women.
All women over 40 and women with high risk factors for breast cancer should be screened regularly as part of their personal health protection,'' says Dr.
The centers represent a great opportunity to conduct transdisciplinary science to explore the problem of breast cancer from many different perspectives, including the valuable perspective of [breast cancer survivor] advocates," said Robert Hiatt, principal investigator for the BCERC at the University of California, San Francisco, which collaborates with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and serves as the coordinating center for the BCERC network.
The American Cancer Society estimates that, of the 183,700 cases of breast cancer in the U.
Breast cancer has become a very real threat to women.
Following surgery to remove the primary tumor in the breast, standard first-line treatments for advanced breast cancer in men have included radiation therapy, orchiectomy (surgical removal of the testicles), and chemotherapy with cytotoxic agents.
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