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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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For example, a recent article, "Periareolar Breast Abscess: Redefining the Disease and Its Treatment," includes brief video clips demonstrating two types of incisions for removing a breast abscess.
Postpartum mastitis (PPM) occurs in as many as one third of breastfeeding women in the United States and leads to breast abscess formation in [approximately equal to] 10% of cases (1,2).
A breast abscess, a localised, encapsulated collection of pus, is a complication of infectious mastitis, usually the result of delayed or inadequate treatment, but may also occur with no previous symptoms.
Patients involved in laboratory outbreaks of brucellosis have shown almost the entire range of clinical manifestations of the disease, ranging from the common prolonged febrile syndrome (undulant fever) (14) and a flulike disease (25,27), to focal signs and symptoms, such as hepatitis (17,33), lymphadenopathy (17,25), uveitis (14), breast abscess (28) epididymitis (29), arthritis (17), discitis (29,34), pneumonitis (17), deep vein thrombosis (29), and meningitis (31).