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Synonyms for bream

flesh of various freshwater fishes of North America or of Europe

flesh of any of various saltwater fishes of the family Sparidae or the family Bramidae

clean (a ship's bottom) with heat

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Sweetcorn on the hook combined with a groundbait feeder sorted out the better bream for Cardiff butcher Steve Shaw when he took part in the open match at Port Talbot Docks and his 30lb 4oz was the winning catch.
Bobby Preston claimed third spot with a skimmer bream and a few small roach from peg 18 for 1lb-12oz.
Like many small vessels, Bream was incapable of sustained operations on her own: she was a "short-legged" vessel that operated best when she had access to a hospital, fresh beef, and vegetables.
win midweek, and then went on to set up a new overall match record by landing 62lb 1oz of bream on Sunday.
However, industry sources said AWG had not recently received bid approaches other than that of the Bream consortium.
Button rightly notes that, despite his fame as a performer, Bream remains largely an enigma.
St Helens rod, Dave Allsop drawing peg 89 set his stall for bream, knowing all too well what was possible before him.
The Darlington Angling Centre ace was not the only one to find bream, a species that has not shown much over the last few months.
Not surprisingly, Chris Duff, 29, from Cowes, Isle of Wight, didn't have a clue about what had seized his bass-fishing lure at Atherfield beach on the island, until a local tackle dealer identified it as a 3lb 10oz rays bream (pictured above, held by Chris).
The bream were in prime condition and although there were a few skimmers among the catch I had a number of bream to 6lb 12oz to boost the overall weight.
Last Sunday four skimmer bream were caught at Whittle Dene, where a future plan to stock with this species seems to have already started.
Colin Pettifer, of Barbourne, landed 31 bream and a single perch to set a new river match record of 135lb 10oz, in the Worcester Portobello AC contest at Pensham.
Bream will be responsible for focusing GRCI's commercial telecommunications business activities for product development, production and marketing of the OSU(TM) Network Interface product, network security, network element operations software and other related products.
WITH the glorious sunshine spurring bream to feed at Carr Mill Dam on Saturday, reports soon surfaced of good sh being taken with the nal results coming in around tea time.
TO many anglers the appeal towards targeting and hopefully catching bream may be difficult to understand.