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Synonyms for bream

flesh of various freshwater fishes of North America or of Europe

flesh of any of various saltwater fishes of the family Sparidae or the family Bramidae

clean (a ship's bottom) with heat

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However, Stainton's inform Andy Rowe's perseverance on the feeder paid off, as he landed a bream from peg 21 in the dying minutes which, together with two small skimmers caught much earlier in the match, turned the scales to 4lb-1oz, pushing Mike into second place.
Bream cannot resist this little scented worm slowly falling through their territory.
Had it been up to Bream, he would have been Drabek's teammate, not adversary, at this crucial juncture.
The prizes Bream captured reveal coastal trade patterns, whereby high-bulk, low- value cargoes, such as timber or plaster or cordwood, were carried westward to commercial centres such as Boston, while foodstuffs and West India goods, such as rum and molasses, headed east.
However it is the bream Mecca of Longtown West that has produced a specimen that not only dwarfs the new Scots record, but is the biggest bream ever reported in this column.
Cultured sea bream may either be imported (mainly from Greece) or local, but there are no specific characteristics that makes it distinguishable for normal consumers.
WestLB, acting for Bream, first approached AWG in January with an informal offer valuing the company at 510p per share - or pounds 905 million.
By implanting each fish with GnRH and then modulating the conditions in the recirculating tanks late last year, the center's biologists fooled female bream into thinking they'd reached their Mediterranean spawning ground.
Historical background aside, the book's focus on Bream is constrained in scope to just seven years: from 1944, when the eleven-year-old first discovered his love of music and devotion to the guitar, to 1951, with the eighteen-year-old's acclaimed success in his first Wigmore Hall recital.
The formation of Silver China is subject to a number of conditions including, but not limited to, the execution of a definitive equity joint venture agreement between the parties, the delivery by Sino-Top of audited financial statements in conformity with General Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP") and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the approval by the Chinese government of the formation of the equity joint venture and the contributions of the parties, and compliance by Sino-Top with due diligence requests of Bream, including the delivery of all geological and technical data related to the properties.
The prize for the heaviest catch excluding carp went to Merthyr when Paddy Payne put 18lb of roach and bream on the scales.
WITH the glorious sunshine spurring bream to feed at Carr Mill Dam on Saturday, reports soon surfaced of good sh being taken with the nal results coming in around tea time.
BREAM made a welcome appearance on the lower Tees, and Neil Waters cashed in.
In effect the addition of a predatory fish has further increased the required intensity of management as now not only do the bream have to be managed but so does the predator population.
SEVEN different varieties of sea bream are listed in UK shore and boat records.