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the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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A big Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) investor has called for a second look at a breakup plan proposed by an activist investor.
com/tupac-prison-letter-reveals-reason-breakup-madonna-2561869) READ: Tupac reveals reason he dumped Madonna in a breakup prison letter
The violent protests in Macedonia's parliament in late April are just one recent reminder of the deep-seated tensions that remain in the Balkans decades after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.
With the latest revision, Montage said it has now doubled the reverse breakup fee due Pericom in the event the deal fails.
To examine the factors that may affect young adults' adjustment to a breakup is important for several reasons.
Key words: breakup, SAR, radar, river ice, Kuparuk River, Alaska, remote sensing
The thought of celebrating breakups is politically incorrect but emotionally correct and is in tune with the brand thought if 'Correct Hai'" says Prem Kamath - EVP&GM, Channel V.
Its goal was to understand how warming global temperatures and the intensifying Arctic hydrological cycle associated with them may be driving increasing water discharges and more rapid ice breakup in the Arctic's great rivers.
The relationship between stressful life events and intrusive thoughts has been explained as individuals having unrealistic beliefs, assumptions and expectations that have to be reconciled when something unexpected happens like a romantic breakup.
These quotations represent the experiences of two Christian undergraduate students who endured a difficult non-marital romantic breakup while attending a Midwestern state university in the U.
By now, we've all had time to mourn the death of Robsten but now the dirty details of their breakup are starting to surface.
com)-- Post Breakup Wakeup, the powerful workshop that provides practical counsel and tools for single women seeking to live purposefully, build independent wealth, and raise their children confidently and securely, will be held in Westlake Village, November 3 from 9:30 a.
Occasionally, breakup from a romantic relationship causes no lasting heartache, and recovery is reported to be relatively painless and easy.
A flight to DE (German) euro notes - signalling an unofficial breakup of the "eurozone" ahead of official recognition of said breakup.
Breakup distress in university students may take the form of complicated grief, an intense and prolonged period of grief following a loss (Horowitz, Siegel, Holen, Bonanno, Milbrath, & Stinson, 1997).