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the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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According to the survey, Americans differ in how they would plan for a breakup but agree on the best way to communicate the news.
However, the researchers stumbled upon an unexpected phenomenon while trying to figure out why the Mackenzie River's annual ice breakup has been shortening even though its water discharge isn't increasing, as in Russian rivers.
Prior research has shown that university undergraduates who interpret their non-marital romantic breakup through a negative lens experience greater difficulty adjusting to the breakup.
In an experimental study comparing those who saw a scenario in which they were rejected versus a scenario in which they did the rejecting, higher levels of breakup distress were noted in those who saw the scenario of being rejected (Waller, 2008).
Generally, these agreements address the process for buying the ownership interests of an owner who chooses to leave the business, how to value the business when faced with a breakup scenario, and how payments will be structured.
Recent Hubble images show that several house-size fragments generated by the breakup of one of the larger chunks, dubbed B, are being pushed in the direction opposite to the sun.
And don't forget no-fault divorces where a spouse could owe alimony to someone who caused the breakup, says Frederick Hertz, an attorney in Oakland, Calif.
Aloha Airlines may sue rival Hawaiian Airlines over a breakup fee contained in the agreement of their failed merger.
Then, on September 6, the DOJ announced that it would no longer seek a breakup of the company--and, more surprisingly, that it would drop its claim that Microsoft had illegally "bundled" separate programs.
Business leaders said Tuesday the breakup and merger of Japanese companies will accelerate under a corporate tax system proposed by the government's Tax Commission.
The DOJ argued in support of its position using Microsoft's own words when it recited in a recent brief that a breakup might impact "the entire United States economy".
One of the offspring of that breakup was Standard Oil of Ohio.
When the government ordered the breakup of the Standard Oil company in 1911, under the Sherman Antitrust Act, La Follette celebrated: "So flagrant has been its violation of the anti-trust law that its eminent lawyers were not able to prove it even `reasonably' innocent.