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Synonyms for breakthrough

Synonyms for breakthrough

a productive insight

making an important discovery

a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense

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The Breakthrough Junior Challenge winner will also be invited to the Breakthrough Prize awards ceremony in Silicon Valley, where he or she will get to meet with giants of science, technology, media and the arts.
Hemicellulose Extraction and Use is another breakthrough in which chips go through a water extraction stage before pulping.
This marks the fifth major breakthrough in semiconductor technology announced by IBM in less than four years.
This book is the backbone of the breakthrough process.
Beyond a kind of shared, general understanding of breakthrough innovation as a game changer, the limits of the concept are not terribly clear, especially in a rapidly evolving technological and economic environment.
Low-cost MRI machines, super-fast Internet routers, and high-capacity power lines top the list of likely breakthroughs in the field of superconductivity in 2007, according to a 'Top-10' forecast list released today by Elie K.
Breakthroughs should be pursued in several areas to allow more cost-effective and resource efficient VOC and HAP control.
Other cited breakthroughs include development of a new type of laser, discovery that the Earth core spins faster than its surface, and findings in genetics, cell biology, the immune system and infectious disease.
com/reports/c44716) has announced the addition of Potential Breakthroughs in Neurotherapeutics: Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia to their offering.
We're already blown away at the beauty breakthroughs we've seen that just need our style of promotion to tip the market.
NYSE:VZ), MagiQ has successfully demonstrated breakthroughs, which overcome the remaining obstacles to wide deployment of quantum cryptography.
AGI was touted for the important innovation of "Dimericine, a biotech cream currently in clinical trials, poised to become the first skin repair drug," by CBS's The Early Show in its Medical Breakthroughs report that highlighted this month's Prevention Magazine's feature article, Best Beauty Breakthroughs - 8 Top Innovations Straight from the labs that can make a real difference in the way you look.
The silicon photonics research team has achieved a number of breakthroughs, starting in 2004 with the first silicon-based optical modulator to encode data at 1GHz, an increase of over 50 times the previous research record of about 20MHz.