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Synonyms for breakthrough

Synonyms for breakthrough

a productive insight

making an important discovery

a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense

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In order to accomplish the breakthrough the researchers had to overcome manufacturing difficulties in working at such size levels.
73% of cancer patients said breakthrough pain wakes them from a deep sleep at least once a month and interrupts their sleep weekly.
The Breakthrough Prize honors those at the forefront of the fundamental physics, life sciences and mathematics fields, and will honor the recipient of the inaugural Breakthrough Junior Challenge.
The survey shows that distinguishing a patient's breakthrough cancer pain as a separate symptom from their chronic background pain represents an area of challenge for nurses practicing in a cancer setting.
Breakthroughs should be pursued in several areas to allow more cost-effective and resource efficient VOC and HAP control.
Kaplan's company, Breakthrough Advisory Group, is a new AT&T Solution Provider as of 2007; but the organization is staffed with former telecomm veterans.
The short-listed video submissions will be reviewed by Breakthrough Prize laureates and other leaders in science, technology, and education from Khan Academy.
Unfortunately, many patients are being treated with medications that are more suited to the management of persistent pain, and so are not receiving the most appropriate treatment for their breakthrough pain.
Startling new answers'' about how and where life began was considered by Science as the second most important breakthrough research of 1996.
Study Identifies Seven Key Principles Critical to Project Management Success in Breakthrough Development Initiatives
Randomised Double-Blind Trial Results Show Meaningful Pain Relief at 10 Minutes in Patients With Breakthrough Cancer Pain
In these interviews, we are gathering input from several levels of the corporate hierarchy, including project leaders and champions, breakthrough innovation portfolio leaders and staff members who help coach and guide the innovation teams, and those to whom the innovation program leaders report.