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Synonyms for breakthrough

Synonyms for breakthrough

a productive insight

making an important discovery

a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense

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Narayanan and Gina Colarelli O'Connor in Encyclopedia of Technology and Innovation Management (2010), defining breakthrough innovation as that which "generally breaks paradigms, is based on new product designs, and is generally incompatible with existing dominant products.
Belted coat, pounds 180, Coast, 10% donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Rose knit gloves, pounds 16, Laura Ashley, 10% donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breakthrough gets pounds 40 for every card account opened, along with pounds 2 each year after that.
At the Wood Products Breakthrough Technology Session in Baltimore, Maryland, LISA, in June 2001, session participants provided a mixture of strategic thinking, technological excellence, and pragmatic reality.
The breakthrough is accomplished through chemical reactions which cause tiny magnetic particles, each no larger than a few thousand atoms, to assemble themselves at precise intervals.
Reports Meredith Conoley of Radian, as a barrier to formaldehyde, neoprene far surpassed the others, allowing breakthrough only after 50 to 150 minutes.
The drama of a breakthrough, the leap to recognition of one's value and merit, brings a sense of order and fairness into a chaotic world.
In exploring these four extremely ambitious breakthrough goals, the Technology Summit Environmental Session participants identified seven key gaps to be filled prior to progress toward the goals:
Startling new answers'' about how and where life began was considered by Science as the second most important breakthrough research of 1996.