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Synonyms for breakneck

Synonyms for breakneck

characterized by great celerity

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moving at very high speed

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Sexually explicit, Breakneck is a masterfully written, but disturbing, cautionary tale.
22 TUE *STUART MITCHELL BLUE LAMP Breakneck Comedy presents Stuart Mitchell plus special guests.
This was my first time at Breakneck but it's unlikely to be the last.
They are being rushed through at breakneck speed on a great lie.
The newly-named Breakneck Productions is back with a show that underlines just what this company is all about.
Summary: The Euro remained range-bound overnight as the single currency consolidated breakneck gains in NY hours.
She was also instrumental in acquiring Breakneck Hill orchard and pastureland.
The Cape Cross colt failed to settle in the Coventry and paid for setting a breakneck gallop.
HEALTH and Safety killjoys have told a Santa to wear a seatbelt in his sleigh if he wants to be towed through town at the breakneck speed of five miles per hour.
THIS is the idiot who drove at breakneck speeds - and posted the video footage on the internet.
Officials say an estimated 150 million people moved to China's cities between 1999 and 2005, their labour fuelling the country's breakneck economic growth.
The airport's supporters, organized as the Wheels Up Palmdale coalition, still see great promise there -- especially with the breakneck growth of the surrounding Antelope Valley.
China, that monstrous elephant in the living room of contemporary architectural practice and discourse, made its long awaited debut at this year's Venice Biennale, exploring how traditional Chinese culture might inflect and impact on the breakneck expansion of modern cities.
The wonderful Brick keeps the action going at a dramatic, breakneck pace that would tongue-tie other readers, while giving key characters distinctive, unique voices.
At the Belmont Stakes--the Triple Crown's longest race--the winning racehorse has to maintain this breakneck pace for 2.