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The feebler 70 kWh battery in a "Model S 70D" though, doesn't offer you quite as much driving range as variants further up th line-up, diluting the ground breakingly long distance EV flexibility that probably attracted you to this car in the first place.
IN AN era when it's all too easy for Hollywood to try to come up with evermore inventive ways of being either ground breakingly violent or sadistic, spy thriller Get Smart is a welcome play for fun.
When he sang Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and Alfie, it was heart- breakingly brilliant, and you'd forgive him anything.
Apart from qualifying you as a neighbour from hell, it can also become back- breakingly labour intensive.
It is not easy being a speedway rider, in fact, compared to some other sports the work can be back breakingly hard ( just ask George Stancl.