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Words related to breakfast

the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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With improved texture and flavor versus rolled oats, steel cut oats are a good source of protein and fiber and keep breakfasters feeling fuller longer.
The 'Largest Cereal Breakfast Attendance' will take place from 8am-10am, during which breakfasters will be served with a bowl of Corn Flakes.
British breakfasters are turning to exotic juices, smoothies, premium coffee and herbal teas, with some parts of the sector in phenomenal growth.
But despite the health benefits, most people in Britain go without breakfast on an average of 113 days each year, making us the worst breakfasters in Europe.
An extra piece of toast wouldn't have gone amiss either,but hungry breakfasters can order more for a measly 30p.
Breakfasters at the windowed Poppy Room of the Chateau Lake Louise watch the play of light and shadows while sorting through the day's list of possible pursuits: ice skating, dog sledding, Bavarian curling, tobogganing, or a horse-drawn sleigh ride.
Marketing manager Jo Cartwright says that by combining superfruits such as blueberries with oats the product will appeal to more health-conscious breakfasters.
A Daily Express "world exclusive" announcing that they were to marry was greeted at Windsor with howls of laughter, with breakfasters making exaggerated bows to the Prince as he entered the room and offering solemn congratulations.
It's the ultimate convenience food for Europe's laziest breakfasters.
Although TNS data shows that 18 billion breakfasts were eaten at home last year, this is a 1% decline on the previous year--and we are now officially Europe's worst breakfasters, according to Datamonitor.
Bacon's are crispy potato nuggets with Tyrolian ham made in four different shapes; Potato Dogs is a sausage in a potato coating; and Breakfasters is scrambled egg covered in potato with bacon.