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a table where breakfast is eaten

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One morning he had risen from the breakfast table and said, quietly but gravely: "Father, a Union regiment has arrived at Grafton.
Lady Grace looked round from her place at the head of the breakfast table.
Welland, beaming across a breakfast table miraculously supplied with the most varied delicacies, was presently saying to Archer: "You see, my dear fellow, we camp--we literally camp.
he asked, good-humouredly, as he took his place at the breakfast table a quarter of an hour later.
After a lively chat with this lady (who sat on the edge of the breakfast table in an easy attitude displaying the drapery of her stocking and an ex-white satin shoe, which was down at heel), Colonel Crawley called for pens and ink, and paper, and being asked how many sheets, chose one which was brought to him between Miss Moss's own finger and thumb.
At the present moment Athanase, leaning pensively on his elbow at the breakfast table, was twirling his spoon in his empty cup and contemplating with a preoccupied eye the poor room with its red brick floor, its straw chairs, its painted wooden buffet, its pink and white curtains chequered like a backgammon board, which communicated with the kitchen through a glass door.
Alec, as he left the breakfast table to open the door for a procession of holly, hemlock, and cedar boughs that came marching up the steps.
Marilla said nothing to Matthew about the affair that evening; but when Anne proved still refractory the next morning an explanation had to be made to account for her absence from the breakfast table.
A morning or two later I found the paper, damp from the press, by my plate at the breakfast table.
Sometimes they came upon him, and men faced him like heroes, or stampeded through barbed-wire fences to the delight of the commonwealth reading the account at the breakfast table.
Although I did note that some family members were still (wisely) keeping their distance at the breakfast table.
Although I did note that some family members were still (wisely) keeping keeping a safe barfing distance at the breakfast table.
The dining room has more than enough space for a large family table and there is also a 16ft fitted kitchen with granite worktops, space for a Range cooker, integrated appliances and room for a breakfast table.
BEFORE booking holidays in Corfu or France Parents, stop, think, give teachers a chance Don't let your child's seat be empty at school While your Jack and Chardonnay shriek round the pool Then watch, sleepily, parents sink gin and tonics When they should be mastering Jolly Phonics Then winge and grizzle around the breakfast table Are your kids that clever, bright and able That they can take ' a few days off ' "Our Sam was off more, that time with the cough" How can 'our Molly' read up at her age When she's dancing 'mini disco' on the hotel stage Do you want your kids to be smart and bright Get flowing reports on Parents Night Forget their trunkies, concentrate on their books Instead of saving a money at Thomas Cook's.
SIR - For the past 40 years, the Western Mail has been my companion at the breakfast table.