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a place for light meals (usually near a kitchen)

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The original kitchen featured a small island and breakfast nook, which was not functional for the family's needs.
They take up a lot of space on the shelf, nonetheless I was pleased to see one of the very early ones shown in the book, and its twin sitting in my breakfast nook.
2 | Breakfast nook Built-in bench seats disguise storage; a walnut-and-laminate wall unit provides cabinets and a wine rack on one side and an entertainment center on the other.
Charming, old-fashioned touches are everywhere, from the casement windows in the sunroom to the butler's pantry to the cheerful breakfast nook, just like Grandma's.
Fairway Villas include a work space, complimentary in-room high speed internet access, and a breakfast nook with a mahogany and granite wet bar.
The apartment offers a renovated eat-in kitchen that opens to the living room through a breakfast nook, and an updated full bathroom.
Do we need a dining room, a breakfast nook, and a raised bar in the kitchen?
Dustin set up an editing bay in the breakfast nook.
An area just 20-feet-deep by 19-feet-wide includes a full kitchen, a full toilet with bathtub/shower combo, a multimedia entertainment center, ample closet and cupboard space, dual office desks with computer, printer and the like, music recording equipment, breakfast nook and even a gathering room where we have hosted dinner parties for eight.
Other spaces include a sewing room, grandparents' nook, fashion corner, breakfast nook, gardening room and gentlemen's game room.
But each time Parker sits in her kitchen breakfast nook, she feels sick.
The Siesta model showcases 5 bedrooms, 3 u baths, an upstairs game room, a breakfast nook, and a formal dining room.
A spacious great room at the center of the home adjoins an open kitchen, breakfast nook, expansive lanai and an outdoor living area, making it well suited for elegant entertaining and casual family time.
And nothing says civilization like a split level duplex with carpeting and a breakfast nook.
Also on the ground floor is a breakfast nook that leads to the outside kitchen.