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Words related to breakfast

the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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Whereupon the cook set to work to prepare a breakfast worthy of the occasion.
The progress of civilization has made a breakfast or a dinner an easy and cheerful substitute for more troublesome and disagreeable ceremonies.
The three friends ordered breakfast, and went into a room in which the host said they would not be disturbed.
See that Lieutenant Godfrey has some breakfast, Gerald.
Westmacott says that women should rise early, and do their work before breakfast.
Mr Squeers had before him a small measure of coffee, a plate of hot toast, and a cold round of beef; but he was at that moment intent on preparing breakfast for the little boys.
I hope there will be an egg for breakfast"; "I am afraid there will be an egg for breakfast and it is sure to be bad.
I then recollected you gave a breakfast this morning, and here I am.
Fairlie, intimating that he would be glad to see me, as soon as I had done breakfast.
By this time they had indulged in a good talk and Dorothy had told them all about the awful earthquake and her recent adventures, the breakfast bell rang from the palace and the little girl went inside to join her human comrades.
What Billina said was true enough, and it almost took away her appetite for breakfast.
Another bang of the street door sent the basket under the sofa, and the girls to the table, eager for breakfast.
When Colin was on his sofa and the breakfast for two was put upon the table he made an announcement to the nurse in his most Rajah-like manner.
Magnanimously releasing the defeated, just in time to get his gloves into a drawer and feign to be looking out of window in a contemplative state of mind when a servant entered, the Reverend Septimus then gave place to the urn and other preparations for breakfast.
Margolotte was an excellent cook and gave them a fine breakfast.