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Synonyms for breakable

Synonyms for breakable

easily broken or damaged

Antonyms for breakable

an article that is fragile and easily broken

Related Words

capable of being broken or damaged


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In fact, the HTC One is now tied with the Moto X for least breakable.
They also alleged that there were signs up saying that no breakable objects should be used around the pool - but we had a number of witnesses who were able to state that the signs were only put up after the accident and after my client had left the hotel to return home.
DIY OLYMPICS Compete in family indoor Olympic events with items around your house (clear away the breakables first): | Bowling: Set up empty water bottles and knock them down with a ball.
However, the consumers of these phones complain that the Chinese phones are breakable," he said.
They don't tend to have breakable things on their bookshelves either.
ly/SCPAI >BLOG STUFF MY KIDS RUINED Why you never leave your toddlers alone with something openable, expensive or breakable.
Line of storage containers are ideal for the safe storage of products such pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and foods, These containers offer many advantages including: they are easily stackable for efficient space usage; unlike plastics there is no leaching effect from the sanitary container into the product; and unlike glass they are not breakable.
While Crusaders skipper Richie McCaw has urged his team-mates to reproduce the aggression in defence they showed in last week's semi against the Hurricanes,A Waratahs wing Lote Tuquiri has said McCaw's men are breakable and beatable.
We believe in bringing some of the comforts of home on the road, but we never thought to pack our easily breakable French press coffee maker.
Your sauces sit in my refrigerator like organs in their transparent, breakable containers.
Pickle packers would like to use more plastic packaging because it's lighter and less breakable than glass jars--and can be easier to open.
Gone are the days when you had to raise a manhole ring to grade with concrete grade/adjusting rings and breakable stuffings set in grout.
Two things the veteran entertainer/entrepreneur did know to do: hang onto her breakable award and thank her husband, singer Marc Anthony (who watched misty-eyed from the audience), ``for being so solid for me all the time,'' especially since, as she so modestly put it, ``who knows, this may be my last time up here to receive an award
Designed to replace a more breakable encryption standard, WEP, the access standard promises improved data encryption and user authentication.
It is EXTREMELY dangerous to insert anything glass or breakable into any orifice.