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One more thing to remember: Break the habit of using the lower cabin door step as a spring board.
Break the Habit Chill out by realizing happiness is a part of life to be accepted, not earned.
Carr encouraged Scots smokers to break the habit despite the ban.
When asked abut the referee at the after-match press conference, Ron gritted his teeth and said: 'I never comment on referees - and I am not going to break the habit of a lifetime for that prat
One cannot easily break the habit of looking for protection to that which is powerful.
These seven essays explore aspects ranging from the possible symbiotic relationship between the playwright and renowned contemporary actors, the difficulties inherent in the construction of gender and "other" in Twelfth Night, a comparison of the images of the virile/effeminate tyrant in treatises of statecraft and Macbeth and Richard III, patriarchal oppression surrounding Renaissance discourse on witchcraft in Macbeth, the relationship between Measure for Measure and James I's Basilikon Doron in terms of sexual and political control, a survey and critique of feminist criticism and theory of Shakespeare studies, and a critique of the apotheosis of Shakespeare in past and current scholarship in an effort to break the habit of "bardolatry.
The Habitrol(R) site is a new and innovative approach to helping smokers break the habit.
He says his products would not only help break the habit of millions of the UK's smokers but also wean off a 600,000-strong new generation of e-cig users who are still taking in harmful nicotine vapours.
The Government is working to break the habit of regulation in the UK, freeing businesses to realise their potential for growth.
RANGERS fan Scott Cunningham will break the habit of a lifetime by missing a game this weekend.
Apply a nasty tasting 'stop biting' solution to help break the habit.
Having said that, I must break the habit of hanging around in physio rooms.
Mechanics, break the habit of ordering from part numbers on failed parts.