break open

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Synonyms for break open

open with force

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come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure

erupt or intensify suddenly

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Considering the conduct of the accused and the condition of the victim who is looking for a roof over her and her child's head, I hereby direct the station house officer ( SHO) of the Tilak Nagar police station to break open the locks of her matrimonial home and hand over its possession to her," magistrate Shivali Sharma stated in a recent order.
Martha's Parish in Louisville, there's a rotation of presenters--giving children a chance to hear different people, "broadening the children's vision that we are all called to break open the Word," says Ann Pifer, a volunteer.
If those vessels break open, then blood flows into the skin and other tissues that make up your knee.
Downstream, in their stomach, the monkeys use enzymes called lysozymes to break open these bacteria and employ other enzymes to convert microbial proteins, DNA, and RNA into nutrients.
d/b/a Bingo King (Nasdaq: STUA), today announced that its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary, Bingo Press and Specialty Limited d/b/a Bazaar & Novelty, was awarded a provincial contract by the Ontario Gaming Control Commission to supply break open tickets (also known as pulltabs) to all charity licensed retail locations in the Province of Ontario.
Scanning the Receiver: The QB should check the FB in the flat first, since the flat route is usually the first route to be covered or to break open.
Brandon Powell singled off JetHawks reliever Carlton Wells to tie the game, and Adam Keim hit a two-run homer to left off reliever Jered Liebeck to break open a 4-3 game in the eighth.